Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to force unmount a busy device in linux.

How to force unmount a busy device in Linux.


I mounted a disk from a remote Linux server and was able to use it. After a while, it stopped working. I am guessing this might be because the connection timed out. I was not able to ls that drive anymore. So I tried to unmount it using:

fusermount -u /tmp/mymountpoint/

But it failed with the error:

fusermount: mount failed: Device or resource busy

But using the below command, I was able to force the unmount successfully:

umount -l  /tmp/mymountpoint/


  1. Thank you :) that worked better than fusermount.

  2. fusermount -uz /tmp/mymountpoint/

    works as well

    1. Thanks its work for me,My Tape is eject but i can't mount new tape, its showing failed backend open call.

      Pls help, im using centos 6.5, and i have ibm lto 6.